Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Charleston Trip: Part Two

In case you are wondering why I do this (other than assuming that someone out there is vaguely interested in our travels), I also print the journal out and put it in my photo album with my pictures of the trip. Sorta kills two birds with one stone. Yes, I am ANAL! I know! Mrs. B
Sunday May 17th (Still!)
Spent the afternoon roaming. Got rained on (every time we come here, it rains!) Had a drink in the bar at Charleston Place (a great mint julep but the bar tender was bitching about having to be there on Sunday since he'd been there late the night before. He wasn't bitching to us, but, we could hear him complaining to a co-worker. Not very professional for such a (supposedly) swanky hotel. Personally, I much prefer the Vendue Inn and all it quaintness).
As we typically do when we are here, we wandered around Charleston great street market getting ideas for b-day gifts for The Kid and my mom. We also found a cigar shop (which made Mark happy); took a few artistic shots of some of the city's churches, and walked back to the Vendue Inn in the pouring rain. The worst thing that happened was my sandals and feet got wet, which caused the leather strap to rub against my foot and make some ugly sores. I ended up walking barefoot (and tossed the sandals in the trash can when we got back to our room. They were 2nd hand, anyway, and lasted longer than I thought they would!)
We're now having a relaxing time in our room playing some cards and thinking about heading down to the daily wine and cheese reception in a bit.
Monday May 18th
The weather has turned rainy, windy and chilly with me here with no shoes other than sandals and flip flops and nothing much warm to wear. So, I'm not sure what we'll do today. Right now, it's just around 10:00 am and we just came back from breakfast. Frankly, both of us are a bit bleary-eyed; last night was a late one!
Dinner at Trattoria Lucca (read my review here) was terrific (I can't understand why some of the other reviews on Trip Advisor are so awful!) I'm really glad we chanced it. It would be interesting to try it again when we could order off the menu.
We got back to the Vendue Inn and went up to the Roof Top Bar (there had actually been a LINE to get into it Saturday night; apparently, it is a hot spot in Charleston for tourists and locals alike) and had a drink and a cigar. There were four very young 20ish kids sitting next to us; the girls chair dancing away to AC/DC and one of them doing (what we dubbed) "The Sprinkler". Ask Mark to demonstrate next time you see him! It was hilarious!
We got back to our room, soaked in the tub, drank wine, played cards, "etc."
The only bad thing was some very noisy people down the hall were having a party, maybe? Whatever...extremely rude to behave that way in a $300+ a night place. Mark yelled at them and called the front desk. They finally shut up.
We may venture out to Folly Beach today or a museum, or both, or neither! Not sure where we are going to eat dinner, either. Lots of options, obviously!

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