Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Greek Gang Go Up For Adoption Saturday!

The gang is going up for adoption a week early! Turns out the organization doesn't have that many kittens now, so, we're up.
These are the cage cards I did for each one (sorry, they are probably hard to read here but you'll get the idea, and, if you want to see them larger, right click on each picture, it will bring up a menu, chose "open link" and it's quite large, then!)
These will go on their cage and also on the website.
Hopefully, they'll go quickly to go homes (although they can't actually go to their new homes until after they are spayed/neutered on Wednesday). So, let's hope we get a lot of applications on them to get the process rolling!
They are all doing well; enjoying having the run of the house, playing with Pete and Lily (who wear out a lot faster than they do) and beginning to get curious about Lucy (as long as she is laying down and being still!)
So, the adoptahon is this Saturday at the Brier Creek Petsmart in Raleigh from 11-2 (for all of you who live in the area!) Get the word out to your friends and family and let's get the gang ADOPTED!
Mrs. B

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