Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yesterday at Folly Beach

Yesterday's weather was pretty stinko so we opted to drive over to Folly Beach to see the spot where the deed was done four years ago. Luckily, on that day, the rain and wind stopped and the sun came out and it was lovely. However, it did not do so yesterday so we didn't stick around that long, just long enough to snap a few pictures of the beach, the water, and us.
Although I don't look great in the one of us, I am willing to post it here just so y'all can see Mr. B's expression. I crack up every time I look at this picture! Although I am pretty sure he was just grimacing against the wind and rain, one could pretend that he was thinking some poor married man thoughts!
Meaning? When we were out walking around the market the other day, we saw two tee shirts that I found very amusing. One had D.A.D.D. across the front with "Dads Against Daughters Dating" underneath (Mr. B said that was "ok")
and the other was of the stick figures you see on bathroom doors. They were done up in wedding clothes. The bride figure had a huge grin on her stick face while the groom was looking a tad unhappy. Underneath the picture, it read "Game Over".
Mr. B didn't find that one so funny, but, now, whenever I see this picture of him, I'm gonna think that was what he was thinking! Ha ha.
Anyway, the weather is not that great today, either. We'd planned on going out to Ft. Sumter but I'm not sure I could tolerate 75 minutes in a boat on choppy water with the wind blowing my hair all over creation. So, next visit (and there will be one; we love this place too much to not come back).
So, shopping, yey! And, dinner tonight at the inn's restaurant, The Library.
Home tomorrow, y'all!
Mrs. B

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