Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary Don and Kathleen!!!!!

Yep, they've experienced 20 years of wedded bliss today. What wonderful friends they have been to me (so this means I've known them MORE than 20 years) and, how unusual (in this day and age) that these two high school sweethearts a) ended up marrying one another and b) are STILL married!
I was trying to find the photo album from 1989 so I could post a few pictures of their wedding day. Unfortunately, I think the box of photo albums is on a shelf in the garage that I cannot reach (without risk of serious injury which I'm not about to do this close to our trip to Charleston). I also don't appear to have any of those pictures scanned into my computer. Drats!
So here, instead, is a fairly recent picture of them (with me and their son James) in Orlando a few years ago.
I can also recall a few memories from that day (and the events leading up to that day).

Here goes; no particular order since this is free-style writing:
1. I was one of three of Kathleen's bridesmaids. I walked "down the aisle"; this in quotes because there was no aisle because they were married at a public park in Seaport Village (San Diego)) with Stuart (I can't remember his last night but I wouldn't have posted it here, anyway).
2. We wore purple dresses which I helped Kathleen pick out. One of the other bridesmaids (Stacey) was also supposed to help pick them out but she became violently ill the day were were going shopping. She had quite the most unfortunate accident in the bathroom at the diner the three of us were at for lunch (The Corvette).
3. The dresses were very pretty but practical; meaning, they were chosen so we could wear them again. Which I did. A lot.
4. The other bridesmaid (maid of honor) was Kathleen's college roommate, Teresa. Or Theresa. She ended up marrying a guy that later flipped his wig.
5. I was drastically late to Kathleen's bridal shower. I was driving down from Redondo Beach to El Centro and got stuck in a horrific traffic jam on the 5 (near Oceanside). I got there in time to have a few drinks with the other guests and watch Kathleen open some of her presents (including mine, since I had it with me). I spent the night, though, so at least I got to spend extra time with her that way.
6. Don and his groomsmen wore sneakers with their tuxes. His best man was his brother Dick. In addition to the aforementioned Stuart, Mike D. was the other dude to stand up with Don.
7. The wedding procession song was Steve Winwood's "Back in the High Life". I love that song; I still listen to it frequently and I always think of D&K!
8. My date for the wedding was my now ex but at that time not yet my fiance John. My sister Kathy went with Ray (who was a big part of our family for many years).
9. The weather was beautiful.
10. Kathleen looked beautiful.
11. I was standing in such a way that Don was facing towards me as he recited his vows. I'll never forget the way he was looking at Kathleen. So much love!
12. There was toasting and dancing and cake (I think) at the park after the wedding. Later, we went over to a nearby restaurant (drat, forgot the name) for dinner (the wedding party and family).
13. I got TOASTED. I got lost from the bathroom going back to our table. John had to come find me. Not terribly proud of THAT moment! Luckily, a lot of others were feeling no pain, either.
14. And speaking of John, he was none too happy the morning of the wedding because my sister had her car towed away and he had to go help her out (I couldn't because I needed to be at the park early).
15. For some reason that I'll NEVER understand, the daughter of one of Kathleen's mother's friends got a hold of my credit card (it was in a small clutch purse along with lipstick and my driver's license), cut it up, and threw it into the bay (water).
16. The day after the wedding, John and I went to Seaworld.
17. I think their wedding gave him ideas because he proposed a few months later. Thanks guys (just kidding).
Here is to Don and Kathleen and (at least) another 20 years of marriage!
Mrs. B


Margot said...

I almost feel as tho I'd been there, Amy!
Congratulations, Kathleen & Don!

Michael said...

Does anyone still keep in touch with Ray Walker? He is a great guy.

Mr. B said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. B said...

Michael: I don't know where Ray is. I think you and/or Peri were actually the last ones to see Ray! I have not seen him since my parents moved from CA to IN (1996), sorry to say. He was (hopefully still IS) such a great guy. And, he fit in so well with our family. Unfortunately Ray Walker is a fairly common name; it might be hard to track him down but I guess we could try. Maybe he's on Facebook :-)