Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're Home!

We arrived home safely yesterday around 4:30; an uneventful drive back up North. Our new car performed beautifully on its first road trip!
All was fine at home; the pets were doing well and I don't think Lucy's tail has stopped wagging since we picked her up yesterday afternoon!
I'll blog soon about our trip (although I've sorta been doing it all along, huh?) plus some reviews (via Trip Advisor) in case any of y'all need info on Charleston!
Suffice it to say, we had a lovely, lovely anniversary trip and will probably be plotting shortly on how to get back down there sooner rather than later. The Vendue Inn's rates are a lot lower during the week and they start offering deals when it's really warm and humid down South.
On the other hand, we are starting to plan a potential trip to NY in July; likely a four or five day jaunt to visit with Mr. B's family and perhaps attend his (fill in the blank) high school reunion.
Here are a few pictures. Dinner our final night in Charleston (at The Library; the restaurant at the inn) and of Lily and Pete watching birds last night in our sun room.
Mrs. B

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