Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Never Fly Solo

For the past several weeks, I have been participating in a small group study at church focusing on prayer as a way to intentionally listening for God in the midst of all the hub-bub in our lives and discerning what He may be telling us.  This six-week study is entitled,  “Listen:  Praying in a Noisy World” by Rueben P. Job; and each session has highlighted a different, and in some cases new to all of us, method of prayer (referred to as a "prayer practice").

This past week’s  prayer practice was to read through the assigned chapter, which includes scripture, quotes from the author and other spiritual writers and a story that ties everything together; and to each day, underline words and phrases from that day’s reading that reminded us of the assurance of God’s love.  Finally, we were encouraged to transcribe those words and phrases onto an index card or stickee note and carry it with us throughout the day.

At the end of the week, I had a collection of seven stickee notes.  Today, while preparing for tonight’s class, I looked at all of the notes and realized they told a story, my story. So, I wrote them down, did a bit of re-arranging and word-smithing, and arrived at the following amazing and personalized affirmation.*  

I Never Fly Solo

I am God’s beloved child and I will live as a child of God.
I never fly solo.
Beloved is the name by which God knows me and the way He relates to me.
Faithful love surrounds me because I trust the Lord.
I am God’s.  God transforms me.
I never fly solo.
I will trust the teaching I have treasured in my heart.
The Lord will guide me continually and He will rescue me.
I never fly solo.
I will transform the world where I am as I focus my mind on God’s knowledge.
Wisdom will be given to me if I ask, but I must chose to listen to God’s voice.
I never fly solo.
I must learn to live each day as an opportunity to make everything new.
I will remember and reflect on God’s love and that I am saved by God’s grace because of my faith.
I never fly solo.
I will move forward in my life as a follower of Christ, listening to His voice saying to me, “I have a gift for you and I can’t wait for you to see it!”
The world of my past is gone.
I never fly solo.

Mrs. B

*Although this was arranged by Mrs. B, all words, phrases and scripture versus (Common English Bible) were derived from “Listen:  Praying in a Noisy World” by Rueben P. Job Copyright 2011.

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Mark Burling said...

I think that the arrangement is very very good and has a wonderful flow to the words. Almost like some of the Psalms.

The blog post preceding is another example of your excellent writing.

Very well done. TA