Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When One Feels Like Crap...'s hard to give a darn.

Seriously, funny; not ha ha funny but conversationally funny, how it is that when you are not feeling well, nothing else matters.

Not the to do list.

Not the usual routine.

Not eating well, working out, etc.

Unfortunately, this cyst thingie I had several years ago reared its ugly head a few days ago. I was able to suck it up for a while but it became fairly painful yesterday afternoon.

I got smart and made an appointment to see a PA (dermo) tomorrow.

In the meantime, Vicodin and booze. I know. Probably not what I should do, but, cripe. It hurts like a MO FO. I am grouchy. All will be happier this way.

How in the heck did people manage with this stuff back in the oh, 1500s or so or even earlier? I think I would have thrown meself off the battlements!

Mrs. B

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