Monday, January 2, 2012

Tossing the Old Address Book

I recently bought a new one as the predecessor was getting quite ratty; pages torn, names written under the wrong letter category, names crossed out, etc.

I sat down the other day; New Year's Eve it was, to transcribe the addresses from the old to the new. I went letter by letter, and, as I was doing so, ran across many, many entries of folks that I simply haven't been in touch with for quite a while. Also, there were several people written in there that are no longer walking on this Earth.

I decided to NOT put those I haven't heard from (most of these are people I've attempted to stay in touch with but they have not reciprocated) into the new book. Life's too short to hold on to people who don't care about you. When the task was done, I threw the old book into the trash. Gone. So, if I ever do speak to any of them again, it will have to be on their initiative.

I'll admit, it was a difficult thing to do.

Mrs. B

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