Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Dilly of a Nightmare with an Extra Scoop of Scary

I dream. A lot. Most often, my dreams are long and involved and continuous. Usually, I wake up able to remember a considerable amount of the dream. Almost always, there is some correlation between aspects of the dream and what is happening to me, or has happened, in my waking life.

Unfortunately, nightmares stick with me even more so than dreams.

Mr. B and I are on a cruise ship. There are initially scenes of us waiting in line to go on-board and then moments of us in our stateroom. The majority of it, though, is me walking around one deck of the ship; the deck that has the buffet at one end of it. I wander around and always end up entering the dining room/buffet area at the same place; where two women are sitting at a counter, each eating strange looking meat and cheese filled pasties. Each time I pop up, they glance up at me with some degree of irritation. The final time, I move on through the dining room and continue my circuit around the deck.

It is twilight, the glooming. I am now inside but can easily see the ocean from the many windows that line the part of the ship I am walking through. There are a lot of people crowded around the railing, leaning down and looking at something in the water. There are excited voices and pointing, "See that! See that! It's fins! There must be a dolphin down there!" I stop and watch the people at the railing. As I'm standing there, I, too, am able to see the fins; they appear to be rising up out of the water, as if whatever it is is attempting to reach up and say "Howdy, folks!"

Suddenly, the mood turns ominous. The fins are extremely large; much larger than what you'd see on a dolphin or porpoise. A sense of dread fills me as I watch a huge lump of something come up out of the water, totally level with the railing. It has a huge head and a snarling mouth with a ton of wicked looking teeth. As it propels itself alongside the railing, it takes out several of the people standing there. Most of them fall shrieking into the water below but a few end up flailing about in the creature's mouth.
All around me now is pandemonium. I turn and walk briskly back the way I'd come, going against what is now a large crowd of people coming my way; I am pushing, pushing to get away. I pull out my cell phone to call Mr. B, hoping he's somewhere very far away from this disaster.

I find an alcove where I can stop and punch in Mr. B's number. Initially, I am so scared I cannot control my fingers and I keep dialing the wrong number. Or, I get the number in and then inadvertently disconnect. This goes on for some time, with me getting more and more frustrated and panicked. I try to calm myself down, knowing that if I don't, I won't be able to make the call.

I continue to walk against the tide of people, looking down at the cell phone and trying to get the number in correctly. As I'm walking, I am startled by the fact that so many people don't seem to have any idea of the danger we are in. Bells sound that signal the Captain is about to make an announcement. Everyone around me keeps talking at a loud pitch, even when he starts to speak. I cannot understand what he is saying, but know it has to do with the monster that has attacked the ship. I shout at the people around me, "Shut up! Shut up! Be quiet! We need to hear what the Captain is SAYING!" but they look past me as if I'm not there.

I end up back in the dining room/buffet area but this time, since I've entered from the opposite direction, I do not disrupt the two ladies sitting at the counter. A server wanders by me with a tray. She stops and holds it out in front of me, inquiring if I'd like some shrimp; indeed, there is a small bowl of shrimp on her tray, along with a dish of cocktail sauce, toothpicks for spearing the shrimp, and a few napkins. Incredulous that she is offering me food given what I just saw, I stand there gaping at her. A man pushes up behind me and says, "Sure, I'll take some!" He reaches over with his fingers and grabs some shrimp. The server slaps his hand and says, "You're not supposed to use your bare fingers! Drop that and go wash your hands right now!" He slinks off, I head off in the other direction, still fumbling with my cell phone; trying to make that call to Mr. B.

After what seems like ages, I am finally successful in doing so. I hear the phone ringing, ringing, ringing, on the other end. I am praying it won't go into voice mail because I am not sure that I could punch the numbers in correctly again. Thankfully, he picks up, and I say, "Where are you? Where ARE you? I am on Deck Four, aft!"

The voice, when it answers, is not Mr. B, rather, it is my ex husband Mr. H. He replies, "Well, hey there, Aims, I'm on Deck Six so there's just one deck between us, isn't there?"

I shriek and hang up the phone. I try again and again to call and every time, my ex answers. This goes on for some time before I finally wake up.

I can do arm chair shrink like the next person; I can figure out what some of this means, certainly. However, this is not the first time my ex has made appearances in my dreams, continuing to masquerade as my husband, and I really don't understand why.

That's it. No moral or point to this entry today; just needed to get it out there because it is still so very vivid at almost 9:30 am. Perhaps sharing will help to disperse its creepy, bad-vibe vapors.

Mrs. B

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