Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Day After Christmas

It did start to snow here around 7 last night; we were freshly home from a wonderful day at my mom and dad's and settled in to watch "It's A Wonderful Life". About 1/2 way through the movie, the ground was covered. As an aside, anyone who doesn't tear up watching this movie is a total Scrooge.

These pictures are from 9 this am. Probably about 5" at this point. Now, at 11 am, it's still coming down and, who knows, maybe we're heading towards a FOOT of it :-)

Since Facebook's photo uploader appears to be on the fritz, I'm resorting to the "old fashioned" way of posting via my Blog!

More pictures of the holiday festivities coming soon!

Mrs. B

Standing on our front porch
Snowy tree in our yard
Our SUV almost covered
Looking down the street
Lucy running in the snow (I love this picture!)
Ok, cold now. Time to let me in!
Our backyard


Analee said...

love it! too cold for me to go outside and take pictures. i hope the sun comes out tomorrow so it feels a little warmer. besides, i think 10 - 12 " is a bit too much to move around in (which is what we have here). when we got home last night, our ground was already white. i had to floor it (the gas pedal) to make it up our driveway because it was so slick! :)

that picture of lucy running is awesome!

Mrs. B said...

I took the ones of the back standing in the sun room. I was amazed I got such a good one of the Goose running; she was moving so fast.

I stepped BRIEFLY out onto the front porch to take the others.

Wow, you've got a lot more than we do. But, it's still spitting somewhat; who knows?

Margot said...

Dogs LOVE snow. As long as they can come in when they want where it's warm!