Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mrs. B's Birthday Dinner 12.17.10

As usual, as always, Chef B outdid himself the other night! Let the pictures (and video at the end) speak for themselves!
Mrs. B

My Menu
My Menu and Julia's Cookbook. Per my request, Chef made everything from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"
Mrs. B and Bubbly. I perched at the kitchen island whilst my Chef did all the hard work!
Beautiful Bubbly in our Wedding Day Champagne Flutes!
First Course. In essence, cheese cookies. Yum. Note: We used Grandma C's china.
A totally classic picture. Chef B pulls the spit out of the poulet. I love the expression on his face!
Saucing the Main Course.
Saucing/plating the Main Course.
A fantastic White Burgundy to accompany our Main Course.
All hail to the wonderful Chef B!
Chef B prepares to enjoy the fruits of his incredible talent!
Surrounded by presents!
I don't care HOW old one is. Opening cards and presents is always fun!
A welcome surprise gift from my Mom. An exact replica of THE cookie jar we grew up with; filled with a special recipe cookie. I'm not gonna post the pictures of me crying. Got me, Momma.
The incredible finale! Pots de Creme and Port. YUM-O


Margot said...

O mi goodness! How gorgeous. Can you clone this gentleman??! & doesn't Grandma's china look beautiful?!! She would have gotten such a kick out of this.

Mr. B said...

Thank you, Margot. ;-)