Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun in Orlando

As always, I'll follow up our trip with a few posts about our adventures. In the meantime, here are several pictures from yesterday, our first day at the International Food and Food Festival at Epcot.

Weather: Couldn't make up its mind from full on blazing sunny hot to breezy, overcast and a bit sprinkly. Actually, this made for a very pleasant day as it did not get too hot.
Food: So far, so good. We've a lot more to sample but the hits yesterday were Argentina (empanadas) and Germany (sausage in a pretzel roll).
Drink: Margaritas in Mexico, Tangerine Mimosa Royales in Morocco, several Rieslings from Austria and Germany, and, for Mr. B, BEER from wherever (FYI for my Father, there is Singha in Thailand!) Also, pints of Strong Bow at The Rose and Crown in England.

Rides: Test Track in Epcot (Mr. B and I went on a kick-ass ride at Animal Kingdom Monday, too; which really surprised me (that it was kick-ass, that is); a cross between the Matterhorn and Thunder Mountain)); we haven't been on many rides yet.
Shopping: Mickey Mouse earrings and a real cool Tinker Bell baseball cap (see below). Peri MIGHT go back for that Grumpy hat, too (also see below).

We're heading back over to The Magic Kingdom (which shut down early last night for some Halloween Party that we did not care to go to) and then back over to the food and wine festival.
Needless to say, we're having great fun here with our pals Peri and Michael; although, in the back of my mind, I AM wondering if our five "children" have destroyed our house/are driving their Uncle Jon and Aunt Shannon out of their minds!
Mrs. B


Jon said...

Glad you are having a good time.

Cats are fine but lonely. I have seen everyone but Pete. Hera came out yesterday for the first time. I see Ares and Lily everday. I can pet them too. Athena is wary but curious; I briefly pet her Saturday.

No matter how much you prepare, cats find something to destroy. Someone got a paper towel from the roll in the kitchen. It was shredded into a million pieces in the LR. They found some papers too.

Analee said...

like mark's shirt. not old, just vintage. lol.

Jon said...

In my first comment, you need to substitute....

Athena for Hera
Apollo for Athena

Mrs. B said...

Jon, I'm glad we spoke and that you clarified or else I woulda freaked to think HERA was back :-)

Pete...probably hiding under the blue chair upstairs or in one of the sinks...if not there, under our bed or the one in the guest bedroom.

I can't remember...have you seen him yet???? Yesterday's phone conversation is a bit, shall we say, fuzzy! We'd been around the festival a few times by then...

Jon said...

I have seen everyone. Pete came out yesterday.

Major puke action last night. Something did not agree with the kitties.

Mrs. B said...

Oh DEAR sorry about that. I wonder which one it was? Or, which ones????

It seems to go in cycles. Nothing for weeks, then, explosion.

Hope things calm down.