Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy Busy

I've really been BUSY! Busy having fun, too. So, the good kind of busy!
Friday, Margot arrived for a long weekend visit. We spent Saturday at the World Beer Festival with Mr. B and Jon, Shannon and the girls. What a lovely day (if a bit on the warm side). The restored (original) Durham Bulls ball park looks great. We sampled some wonderful beers (no real duds this time). After, we went out to eat at a local Mexican place where I had the best chimichangas (maybe because I was starving). HUGE, too; I could only eat one of them.
Sunday we had family over for pot roast. Four children (three mobile) + Lucy and our five cats meant for a hectic but fun atmosphere.
Monday Margot and I did our shopping thing; Trader Joe's, Southern Season, etc. That night I hosted book club so we had to rush home from shopping to prepare for that. We had 7 ladies over (plus us) so a full house that was rockin' by the time Mr. B came in around 9:30 (from having dinner with The Kid).
Yesterday, Margot and I headed over to the Nasher Museum of Art (at Duke) to see the Picasso exhibit (2nd time for me). We also had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant that had received an excellent review in the paper. It WAS tasty and a heck of a lot of food!
Margot left around 8:30 this morning and I fell back into bed, still exhausted AND resting up for the next few days:
Tonight, I'm going to see "Grease" at the new performing arts center with Shannon.
Tomorrow I have a DSO Board meeting (always exhausting).
I'm meeting mom Friday for an afternoon of lunch and shopping.
Looks like a quiet weekend but next week I have a DSO event on Tuesday and will be gearing up for our trip to Florida!
So, if I'm not blogging, you'll understand why!
Mrs. B

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Margot said...

Hadda grand time, dear!