Monday, April 15, 2013

About Athena

Is reminiscent of a little bunny rabbit as not only is she the smallest of our cats, she chews on EVERYTHING!
In no way shape or form resembles her name.  She is Boopie, and that’s that!
Refuses to participate in the morning turkey lunch meat ritual with the other five pets and is very particular about what cat treats she’ll eat. Beef and chicken only, thank you very much.
Bops along to the beat of her own drummer; while the other cats will likely be somewhere nearby one another, she prefers her solitude.
Hence, the guest bedroom is also known as “Boopie’s Room”.
Notable exception is she has come to totally adore Lucy; in fact, we’ll often find her cuddled up in between Lucy’s paws or standing underneath her.  Lucy takes it in stride.
She’s soft, soft, soft!
Loves to sprawl in the sun.
Although she be little, she be fierce.  Dinner time in particular brings out her aggressive side.  It’s not unusual to see her swiping at one of her brothers and will sometimes go after her pal Lucy as well (although she is wise enough to leave Lily alone!)
She’s a very prolific barfer.
Always has a suspicious look on her face; hence another nickname,
“Suspicious Minds”.
Does NOT travel well in the car!
Loathes being on the other side of any closed door.
                Is so tiny, she has to wear a collar made for kittens.    
Was the first of the pets to fall in the pool (and hasn’t been in there since!)
Routinely makes early morning noises when playing  that sound so much like a woman in, well, the throes of passion, that we’ve had to tell house guests up front about it so as to avoid any awkwardness.
Our Little Miss Boopie B.

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