Thursday, May 31, 2012

About Ares

Is single-minded in his adoration of and obsession with Pete.
Is aptly named.  We wonder; had we called him Twinkle Toes, would he be friendlier?
The Mighty Gecko Hunter.
Can easily jump more than ½ way up the side of the lanai cage (not that he is supposed to!)
Has been in the pool more than any of the other pets (swims quite well, too!)
Snorts and wheezes when he’s happy; hence his nickname “Wheezie”.
Marks calls him Butthead.
Has amazing balance.  Used to rail-walk on the balustrade at our old house.
Eats all of the time.  He weighs more than Lily and is seriously gaining on Pete.
Loves his Little Blue Mousie.
Interestingly enough (given his somewhat unfriendly nature) he’s the only one of our cats who appears to really like Lucy.
Is a quite striking looking cat; silvery, dove-colored, elongated face. 
Constantly tussling with his little brother and sister.
Whines at the door when he wants to go out.  Will not shut up until we let him out.
Is King of the Rubber Maid Storage Box (loves to sit and/or lay on top of it when he’s outside).
Surprisingly enough, he likes to cuddle at nighttime.
Enjoys being brushed but always tries to chew on the grooming blanket.
Has a knack for pissing Lily off.
He and Mr. B don’t get along so much; he’s coming to terms with me.
We’re not sure WHY we adopted him but now it wouldn’t be the same around here without him.
Our Warrior.
Mrs. B

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