Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lucy, Flea and Poetry

I recently took Lucy to visit my Father. When we arrived, we discovered that he'd bought Lucy a new toy, named Flea. Boy, does Lucy love Flea! Lucy mailed Grandfather a thank-you card, complete with this picture and this poem:


I love Flea!

Flea loves me!

Flea’s the best pal

That ever could be!

I like to play rough

But Flea’s so tough

Flea never says

“That’s Enough!”

Flea doesn’t mind the pool

Flea’s ok with my slobbery drool

Flea tolerates it all

Flea is so cool!

Flea’s body’s fat but that’s not a bother

Since he’s got six legs, he simply flies farther

Yeah, Flea’s great but mostly ‘cause

I got Flea from Grandfather

Lucy H. B

Today, Lucy received this response in an email:

i was up all the night
getting wording just right
to answer, honestly,
your note about flea.
as dark became dawn
and i muffled a yawn
i tried to compose
some elegant prose
and somehow respond
to my favorite blond.
i hope you and flea
share great revelry
you give me much glee;
you're top dog with me!
grandfather h...with help of timmy timmy and porter.

Fun, fun!

Mrs. B

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