Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Famous For A Completely Unintended Reason

When I started blogging four years ago, my intention was really only to blather. Over the course of time, I've mostly succeeded in this, with an occasional story, poem, travel review, or rediscovered writing from years ago thrown in for good measure. My Blog does not have any central theme or intent. I suppose I really should have entitled it "Mrs. B's Blathering Blog" save for the fact I hold on to moments of sheer brilliancy (few and far between that they may be).

My SIL just now sent me a link to another Blog out there that made me sort of smack myself up the side of the head and say, "Geez, what didn't I think of this?" It's called (something like) Dear Evil HR Lady. The author posts questions (that she's apparently received hundreds of) about all aspects of HR, management, employee relations, etc. that employees find perplexing, have questions about, etc. Other people (supposedly, other HR professionals) comment with their answer/opinion. The Evil HR Lady, from time to time, poses general questions and provides links to articles. Of course, the Blog may have been funnier if she answered the questions Ann Landers style, somewhat tongue in cheek posing as a true "evil" HR person. Be that as it may, it's still a grand idea and she has something like 500 followers.

I have six followers and comments on my daily postings are now few and far between. I can't even get everyone in my own family and friend network to click the "Follow" button and become an official follower. Who HAS? My husband (thankfully, although I don't think he religiously reads my Blog), my sister in law, her sister, an ex boyfriend and two people whom I have no clue who they are.
My loyal followers. Sort of.
Still, I can sort of figure out from my traffic box who is coming and going. And, hands down, the majority of them are NOT family and friends. Rather, they are people that have found my Blog due to one silly post I made two years ago about whether or not the Hearts game by Microsoft (whatever version but I was specifically, at that time, referring to Vista's version) cheats.
My traffic box captured around 4:00 today. BTW, want a hint on how to make the writing on your screen larger? Hold down the Ctrl then the + sign. Ctrl then the - to reduce. Gee, nifty, huh? I have to give credit to my Facebook pal Ellen for this one, though.
How are they finding me? By doing a search in Google. I just now typed in Google "hearts" and "cheats". My Blog comes up second. SECOND! Out of close to THREE MILLION results.
Woo Hoo! I'm number two!
Who woulda thunk that this post would garner me several hundred hits a week? Sometimes, a hundred or more in a day, if one anal retentive person stumbles upon it and feels compelled to read the well over 100 comments, post a comment, and then go back and post two or three more for good measure. I have to admit, it's sort of gratifying to see the hit counter sky rocket, but, when I scroll down and see that most of it was due to folks landing on this posting, I sort of shrug and say, "Whoopie-do". It's not like they are hitting my Blog to read about Lucy or our cruise vacation or whether or not I regret leaving my job or to read my answers to silly inane surveys or to listen to me gripe about turning into a menopausal hormonal maniac old crazy cat lover broad.

You know, stuff I find interesting and worthwhile. Of course, I'm not some obsessed heart player up at all hours of the night beating my head against my computer screen because the game has rooked me yet again and I cannot figure out why; the damn thing must cheat! So, I pose a question to the Oracle of Google to confirm what I already know. Yes, it DOES cheat (or, at least, that seems to be the consensus of the people who post a comment). Ok, I guess I WAS one of those people two years ago, but, I've moved on to other subjects.

Oh, BTW, there does seem to be one other posting that lands several readers daily and that is "Which of Henry VIII Wives Are You Most Like?" I'm not exactly sure how folks are finding this, though since, upon doing a Google search, it doesn't even register. Maybe they are coming from some UK search engine as they mostly appear to be from the UK. Who knows, though? They never post a comment.

Unlike the cantankerous bunch of my "Hearts" post. Boy, they really have a lot to say and will sometimes get into it with one another. It is amusing, I have to admit. And, I HAVE learned a thing or two from their comments (one of my favorites was to rename the players something like Shifty, Shady and Slick; at least you feel better when they cheat you with names like that).
Seriously, if you're interested in the game, you should check out the comments. Well over 1/2 of them are helpful!
Anyway, I'm wondering now if I should refocus this Blog to be about "something". As in something I know something about.

But, then again, I seem to now know quite a bit about blathering.

So, never mind.

Mrs. B


Sue Miess said...

Amy, I always enjoy your "blathering"! The number of "hits" that you get on your blog has inspired me to get going on mine to hopefully gain some stress management and stopping emotional eating clients.

Let's see what happens?

Beth said...

Hi Amy,

Can you tell me how to check traffic to my blog??

Mrs. B said...

@ Beth. Go to the feed on my side bar. Scroll down. At the bottom of the traffic feed there should be something that says "get live traffic feed". Click on that and it should walk you through the process.

Melissa said...

I always love seeing the traffic from crazy places. Really? Who is reading my blog in Budapest?

Mrs. B said...

I know. There are countries and places I've never even HEARD of that pop up on that feed. Of course, they are all landing due to that damn Hearts post :-)

Mr. B said...

Honey, I do read your blog. I just don't always comment. TA

Analee said...

i saw this quote and thought of this blog:
"I write not for the sake of glory, not for the sake of fame, not for the sake of success, but for the sake of my soul." my firefox crashed before i could copy the website. sorry 'bout that.

Mrs. B said...

Great quote. I wish more people wrote for that reason!

Analee said...

i just got a kick out of reading some of the comments on the microsoft hearts blog post. somehow i missed the fact there were like 155 comments. OH MY GOD. what drama! i mean, i guess the option would be to find 3 other people and play for real - then you could all pinky swear to not cheat!?! hahaha, i'm just kidding around. the hardest solitare game in the world is one that rob and melissa gave to nathaniel when holly was born, i have only won it one time. and, i play *used to play* it like 100 times a day. i've pretty much given up now.